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Dipyridamole is used for evaluating coronary artery disease in patients who cannot exercise adequately before thallium imaging (cardiac blood flow scan).

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Losartan oral dosage form, and was available only in the United States until 1997 when Pfizer discontinued sales of this product due to its association with cancer. "We think, at the current formulation, risk from Doxil is low compared to that from aspirin or other anticoagulant therapies," said H. Keith Burton, M.D., an associate professor of medicine at Tulane University School of Medicine and an investigator the New Orleans Women's Health Study which was a pivotal trial barr generic aggrenox of Doxil. Burton said he believes that Doxil is as effective aspirin. "The risk from aspirin is much higher," he said. "Doxil is not the cause of death in a high risk patient." "People don't die from taking Doxil," he said. "Doxil is an effective and inexpensive treatment for some of the common conditions where other treatments haven't generic drug for aggrenox worked very well." Burton said that most people who died from Doxil were being treated for high blood pressure, cholesterol and kidney disease, the number of deaths are low compared with those caused by aspirin or other anticoagulants. "Doxil is associated with more fractures when compared to other drug choices, and has a higher risk of stroke at the time treatment," says David S. Borenstein, Ph.D., professor of medicine and member Tulane's Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics. "However, because of its short half-life, the total risks are low compared to similar other medications." "Patients often ask me, 'Does Doxil make my blood clot?' I tell them not unless it's an emergency, for which there aren't any long-term benefits," said Burton. "If that's not the case, then I urge patients to talk their doctor obtain other options in addition to a potential high blood pressure medication." Other authors on the study include Joseph G. Dickey, Ph.D., and James A. Moore, Ph.D, both at the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans, and Jennifer A. Loe, Ph.D., Thomas R. Smith, both at Tulane. The study was funded by Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Louisiana State University, Tulane and National Heart, Lung Blood Institute. This is the second chapter of a five-part series on the history of Roman Empire, in which I will examine the various ways in which ancient Romans made use of various forms physical violence, including rape, murder, kidnapping, and exile. I first discussed rape in my article "Slavery, Slavery, And the Rape of Rome." I hope to post the third and fourth installments of the series by end this week. Slave-based warfare in the ancient world was widespread, especially when coupled with the use of torture (including public crucifixion and hanging), the imposition of fines and death penalties by flogging, the imposition of fines, imprisonment, and execution by means of mutilation or disfigurement (a.k.a. "disfigurement." For more discussion of this topic please see the third and fourth installments of this series). The primary way that ancient Romans made use of the physical violence I've described—the kind that caused the deaths of hundreds thousands their citizens each year—was slavery itself. Of course, Romans were also guilty of abusing and exploiting non-Slavic prisoners.

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